The meaning of green packaging and corresponding measures (2)

Second, the implementation of green packaging measures

According to the green five-green requirement of packaging, the following methods can be adopted to develop green packaging.

2.1 Vigorously promote packaging green design

Green design usually also becomes ecological design, environmental design, life cycle design, and so on. He is designed for the entire life cycle of the product. Fundamentally prevent and control environmental pollution, save resources and energy. To sum up, the green design is a design that focuses on the product's attributes throughout the product's life cycle, and regards it as a design goal, while ensuring that the product's proper function, service life, and Quality and so on. This year, in industrially developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, Greentech, a green technology related to green design, is also being promoted. The full name is Green Sustainable Development (GSC), which includes product design and raw material selection. Innovations in manufacturing methods, methods of use, and recycling technologies ensure "health and safety of people and the environment" and "savings of energy and resources." According to the principle of green packaging design, some professionals put forward six aspects of the design of green packaging:

1. Package designers should use green packaging materials and design life-span packaging materials as much as possible, which can greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by discarded packaging.

2, reduce the packaging. Minimize the use of materials in packaging design, eliminate unnecessary packaging, and promote simple packaging to save resources.

3, the packaging material is simple. Use as few materials as possible. Do not mix dissimilar materials for recycling.

4, the packaging design can be disassembled. Packagings that require a composite material structure should be designed as a detachable structure that facilitates recycling after disassembly.

5, packaging materials can be reused. Use recyclable, multiplexed, and recycled packaging to increase the life cycle of the package and reduce packaging waste.

6, the harmlessness of packaging materials. The regulations prohibit the use or reduction of the use of packaging materials containing certain harmful ingredients and stipulate the content of heavy metals.

2.2 Vigorously develop green packaging materials
The difference between green packaging fishing and general packaging materials is that it has good environmental performance and does not cause harm to the human body and the environment. Usually refers to materials that are easily degradable, easily recycled, and capable of efficient resource recycling. The development of green packaging materials is a work that depends on high technology and is difficult. To do a good job, in addition to developing new technologies, there are countries that formulate relevant laws and regulations and related preferential policies, and also pay attention to research. The clean technology of new materials will enable the green packaging materials to truly "green" throughout the life. Green packaging materials such as 1, reusable and recycled packaging materials 2, edible packaging materials 3, degradable materials and so on.

2.3 Efforts to implement cleaner production

Contamination of packaging to the environment, in addition to the environmental pollution caused by the use of packaging waste, a lot more is the “three wastes” that are produced during the remanufacturing process of packaging products, that is, waste water, waste gas, and waste residue. He causes damage to the human body and the ecosystem. The pollution is greater than the former. Therefore, the development of green packaging, the implementation of the "green packaging project" should pay more attention to the treatment of packaging products (including raw materials) in the production process of pollution, the measure is to follow the "green packaging manufacturing model" clean production and other manufacturing methods require production.

The green production of the packaging industry requires the use of clean energy and raw materials in the production process, adopts a clean packaging production process, and follows the principles of “reduction, harmlessness, recycling, and recycling” throughout the entire life cycle. , To minimize the environmental damage caused by packaging, to produce clean packaging.

2.4 Using multiple waste treatment technologies, focusing on the development of recycling

Recycling and recycling also reloads resource-based technologies, which are the most active waste treatment methods for managing environmental pollution, saving energy and resources, and promoting recycling of packaging materials. Using this method, we can save a lot of resources and reduce our environmental pollution in a timely manner. Especially in the 21st century, manpower is faced with severe challenges in resources, energy and environmental issues, in order to get rid of resource scarcity, energy crisis, and environmental pollution. In the predicament of such problems, people are increasingly realizing that the recycling of plastic waste will not only bring huge economic benefits, but also the social benefits and environmental benefits that are important to closure. Therefore, the direction of processing plastic waste will gradually shift toward Because of the development and utilization of renewable resources and secondary resources, the development of this technology will bring many benefits to manpower.

2.5 Strengthen national legislation and use compulsory methods to recycle packaging resources

National legislation immediately passes the "Packaging Law" or "Restriction Law on Packaging Waste" to regulate the production, circulation, and use of packaging by legislation, and uses the law to forcefully recycle packaging resources to ensure the development of green packaging. For example, in Germany, the Waste Recycling and Treatment Act was enacted in 1986, and in June 1991, the "Packaging and Packaging Waste Disposal Act" was passed; in 1992, Japan enacted the 1993 Energy Conservation and Execution The "Promotion of Recycling Law," and the "Recycling Regulations" and "Amendment of Waste Removal Regulations," which were issued in 1997, have received very good results.

2.6 Protecting the Ecological Environment and Developing Logging Packaging

In the world environmental protection movement, one of the greatest and most extensive tasks is to save forests. Forests are the main body of terrestrial ecosystems and are the most important production and environmental resources donated to nature by nature. He is known as “green gold”. He said that he provided a large amount of wood, a variety of raw materials, food and feed for humans. In short, the forest is the environment on which we depend, but our living environment is suffering from the trampling and destruction of human beings. We are in order to develop the economy. , And vigorous deforestation has caused many environmental problems and serious land loss. Under such circumstances, vigorously developing logging packaging is of great significance and practical significance for protecting our living environment.

2.7 Work hard to promote the green packaging industry

The green packaging industrialization is the ultimate goal of the green packaging system project, and it is a major measure to implement the development of green packaging to the enterprise. The green packaging industrialization should follow the life cycle theory and be packaged according to the “five green” requirements. First of all, to establish a green packaging industry system; Second, we must improve the green packaging industrialization service system; Finally, the green packaging inspection industrialization should establish a corresponding science and technology support system.

2.8 Strengthen Environmental Education in Packaging and Improve Public Awareness
To implement the “Green Packaging Project” and develop green packaging, a very important task is to use various methods to carry out propaganda and education activities and establish public awareness of environmental protection and participation to jointly cherish and protect our only living environment. Our homeland, the earth, at the same time, the country must also formulate laws and regulations in the implementation process of the corresponding green packaging project to jointly protect our home.

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