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Editor's note: In recent years, with the development of the market economy and the ever-changing information, the printing industry is also facing new opportunities. The intensification of competition has required the increasing number of customers who deliver goods within a very short period of time; the number of businesses that require personalized printing has also suddenly increased; and there are more and more printing businesses with uncertain information. As a result, some changes have taken place in the printing market in order to meet the increasing demand.

In the past few years, a short-run, fast-printing, on-demand printing market has gradually taken shape. Faced with this market, the traditional printing industry has many links, long cycle, high cost and low efficiency, and it cannot adapt to this market demand. With the development of electronic technology, digital printing systems technically provide the possibility to meet this market demand. Previously, printing processes such as layout design, color separation scanning, page processing, proofing, color separation sheet output, and tanning PS printing, which were once available to printing companies, can now be completed by any design studio, export center, or printing company. To this end, some experts believe that digital printing represents the development direction of today's printing industry and will be the mainstream of short-term printing in the 21st century.

Based on this development trend, we will talk about short-run printing in this issue in the future. We will pay special attention to digital short-run printing.

★ Technical advantages of short-run printing

The so-called short-run printing generally refers to printing of less than 1,000 sheets. Because the printing factory usually prints more than 3,000 copies, when the number of prints is less than 1,000 copies, generally no printing unit is willing to bear the printing, or the user needs to pay a very high printing fee. The color digital short-run printing technology is based on mature color laser printing technology and directly outputs the prepress design by connecting to a computer. With the processing of post-printing processing equipment such as laminating, binding, and die-cutting, all the needs of color prints are realized. Its technical advantages are:

1, the process is simple, save time;
Traditional Offset Design →Customer Review →Out of Print →Printing →Proofing →Customer Inspection →Print Drying Plate →Following Color →Finished Product Digital Printing Design →Customer Review → Finished Product 2 , Low Cost;
a. Investors: Most of the four-color printing equipment investment is several million yuan, the equipment covers an area of ​​large, large investment in the production site, configuration staff, a four-color printing press must be configured 3-4 people, technical requirements are high, auxiliary Many equipment, such as the printing machine, phototypesetting machine, proofing machine and so on. The digital printing equipment investment in tens of thousands - hundreds of thousands, most of the equipment footprint is small, such as the HP Color LaserJet 5500 or HP Color LaserJet 9500 series color laser printer covers an area of ​​only about 1 square meters, the prepress production The people who know it can be simply operated and there is no need for a dedicated person to operate the printer and no auxiliary equipment is required.
b. Customers: Modern commercial activities require strong immediacy and flexible printing, while traditional offset printing of 5,000 or less need to bear 5,000 copies of printing costs, and a large number of printing products that are not effective at one time, although they will Reduce the cost of leaflets, but it will also increase storage costs. Digital short-run printing really caters to the ever-changing needs of commercial printing products, and quickly prints products such as small quantities and flexible varieties.

3, high flexibility 1. Variable data printing (traditional printing can not be solved)
2. Correct printing errors in a timely manner (Traditional printing errors must be reissued and reprinted)
3. Variety of small quantities of printed products (traditional printing is difficult to solve, and the cost is very high, such as: press sample books)
Production and Printing Process of Short Version of Sample Book (1) (2)
Short-printing spot color ink and the application of residual ink

★ Short print selection

The customer's needs and applications are the key to selecting the right digital short-run printing solutions. Therefore, before purchasing the short-run printing solutions, we need to consider which of the short-run printing scheme configurations are more suitable for customers by referring to their own business capabilities. Awesome services. HP offers multiple sets of digital short-run printing solutions for different customer needs and business characteristics. The number of pages can be completed in a short time, and the small number of sample manuals is the perfect embodiment of the flexibility and print quality of the HP color digital short-run printing system.

Today, the digital business literary printing market is no longer the simple mode of entry, printing, and copying that we saw 10 years ago. High-quality printed matter is an important means to strengthen the communication between enterprises and users. The backwardness and relative weakness of the traditional printing industry The service link can not meet the needs of customers. In particular, HP's short-run digital printing solutions facilitate the rapid development of the digital short-range output industry with rapid and flexible capabilities, and provide high quality services while providing high returns.

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The material for Plastic Cap uses the polypropylene resin (PP), where the polypropylene is free of toxin, odor, with sound heat‐resistance and tensile strength complying the national standard; meanwhile the coloring material uses the innoxious, high‐temperature resistant, colorfast and glossy master batch to ensure product quality.

There are multiple sizes and types for the caps for liquid‐infusion glass bottles. We are sincere to produce the easy‐to‐pull aluminum cap for ∅30, ∅32 infusion bottle, aluminum‐plastic composite cap and aluminum‐plastic pull‐tab cap for ∅26, ∅28, ∅30 and ∅32 liquid‐infusion glass bottle, aluminum‐plastic composite cap for ∅36 infusion glass bottle (f or blood product only), aluminum‐plastic easy‐to‐pull cap for ∅32 infusion bottle (3‐piece) and other types; we are capable of producing on the demand of customers.

Tear-Off Cap For Infusion Bottle

Infusion Bottle Tear-Off Cap,Aluminium Tear-Off Cap,Aluminium Cap For Infusion Bottle,Tear-Off Cap For Infusion Bottle