Analysis of the Causes of Bad Ink in the Printing of Newspapers

In recent years, newspapers have become thicker and more colorful, more colors have become more Indian, newspaper competitions have become increasingly fierce, and improving timeliness and print quality have become two key factors in newspaper industry competition. There are many factors that affect the timeliness of newspaper printing and the quality of printing. Printing equipment failure is one of the reasons. Here I will simply make a simple analysis of the ink fountain ink situation. The ink fountain maintains a good under ink state, which is the basis for guaranteeing the normal printing rate of the printing plate and the ink color needed for the print, effectively reducing the time for changing the plate in the printing process, and helping to improve the timeliness of the newspaper printing.

1 Ink emulsion is too serious

The reason for this situation is that there is water in the ink fountain, so that during the operation of the machine, water is always attached to the ink fountain roller, causing the ink roller, which is already oleophilic, to repel the ink because of the water film on its surface. This is usually due to improper pressure adjustment of the water roller or ink roller, or excessive water flow, which is caused by water returning to the ink fountain along the reverse ink path. In this case, the pressure of the water roller and the ink roller needs to be readjusted, or the amount of water is turned down without guaranteeing the paste.

2 Poor ink flow

We have used inks supplied by a number of domestic ink manufacturers, and their flow properties are quite different. When printing, it is necessary to make timely judgments and adjustments according to the ink provided by different merchants and the color samples of newspapers in the production process. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to regular operation to increase the liquidity.

3 Effect of paper

Papers produced by different manufacturers are not the same as the linking materials and fillers, and the processing methods are not the same. As a result, the paper has great differences in technical indicators such as smoothness and tensile strength. The newsprint paper itself is of poor paper quality. It is easy to lose paper powder and pull the paper when printing. In some ink-intensive pictures and advertising layouts, the paper powder passes through the printing plate, the printing roller, and the ink transfer roller. The ink fountain roller, stuck in the gap of the ink fountain, causes the ink not to go. This kind of situation needs frequent cleaning of the ink fountain.

4 Incorrect adjustment of ink fountain mechanism installation

The ink fountain mechanism contains many small links. Improper installation and adjustment may result in the entire ink fountain not coming out of ink or being out of ink. This situation is easier to adjust and will not be described here. I have two situations to talk about the poor local ink situation caused by improper installation.

1) Improper installation of stepper motor

Many presses now use a center console to control the ink stepper mounted on the ink fountain. There is a notch at the front end of the stepper motor. The correct installation is that the notch should hook the rocker mechanism to adjust the gap of the ink fountain. If the stepping motor is installed, the pendulum rod mechanism is directly held against the hook, which is equivalent to keeping the position in a dead-end state. No matter how the console is opened, it will not be inked out. Remove the stepper motor and reinstall it correctly.

2) The ink fountain blade is uneven

This situation is less common, but it is also the least obvious problem. The adjustment of the ink fountain blade often results in a change in the ink flow rate of the entire ink fountain, and the ink fountain gap itself is small. It is difficult for us to judge whether the entire ink fountain blade and the ink fountain roller gap are the same, and it is difficult to determine whether the adjustment of the several adjustment screws is inconsistent. It may cause a part of the ink fountain blade to slightly protrude and the gap with the ink fountain roller becomes smaller or even without a gap. This will cause the console to be opened no matter how the part is not inked. At this time, the ink fountain blade needs to be readjusted and each stepper motor is readjusted so that the entire ink fountain blade coincides with the ink fountain roller gap.

Source: Print World

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