Ultrasonic bottle washers include housings, bottle holders, and ultrasonic generators. A sprocket and a lower sprocket are arranged in the casing. Center lines of the upper sprocket and the lower sprocket are arranged at an angle with the horizontal line. Chains are arranged on the upper sprocket

With the continuous deepening of market economy and the acceleration of the process of global economic integration after China's accession to the WTO, packaging and printing have higher requirements on the price and quality of raw materials. Mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, r

In the ink industry, the formulation of developed inks is a very complicated problem because it takes into account that the inks used in different printing processes vary widely. Even for the same printing process, due to the different printing machinery used, the printing speed of the printer, th

The application of pearlescent design Compared with the predecessors, modern design obviously has more room for creativity, but for a "new" material, how to apply and exert its maximum potential is very important. Although the maturation of the pearlescent pigment production technology h

At present, some high-end products in the packaging market are commonly used in rainbow aluminum coated paperboard and aluminum foil gold and silver paperboard. As a result, the number of enterprises producing this type of paper is increasing day by day. However, due to some special technological

In the second quarter of this year, China's Taiwan Nilo Nanocomposite Co., Ltd., which has been commissioned, has developed a new nanometer nylon composite material with unique nano-modification technology. As it is the world's first nano-clay monomer raw material to form a new generation

Patent name: A patented applicant for a pull-proof break-proof anti-counterfeit packing box Wang Denglei, Principal Applicant, Address 518054, Electronic Building, Huaqiang South Road, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China 1905 Inventor Wang Drei Application (Patent) No. 200420088263.4 Date of