Since the entry of mankind into the industrial society, the demand for nature has continued to soar, and the vital forest resources in the biological chain are also declining year by year at an alarming rate and become more and more valuable. The growing demand for housing has

A few years ago, the son of a lawyer friend of New York entrepreneur Arnold Gumowitz, in order to participate in a wine bottle design competition, designed a grenade-shaped wine bottle. After seeing Arnold Gumowitz, who loves architecture and design, he laughed and he laughed. Start designing your

In our home, it looks like a small wooden door, but it has its unique role, and it will play an extremely important role in the overall home design. How to make the wooden door play the role of "finishing the finishing touch", you need to understand the initial intro

European silver fir silver fir; whitewood;Euiopean silver fir;European silver pine Beautiful fir amabilis fir; cascade fir; larch; silver fir; lovely fir (fir) gum fir balsam fir; balsam; Canadian fir; silver pine; Gilead fir Turkish fir Turkey fir Bracts fir bristlecone f

As a new type of green environmental protection product, the polymer paint-free door covers the characteristics of wood and plastic, and makes up for the defects of both. The product is completely non-toxic, free from harmful gas release, waterproof and acid resistant. Alkali

Recently, Jinan City Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision seized a soy sauce den in a farmhouse on the west side of the Duan Dist. Market. The soy sauce had brand names such as "Haitian" and "Wei Damei." The staff confiscated fake soy sauce on the spot. 120 More than one

Size stabilization method There are many classification methods for the method of stabilizing wood size. US A. J. Starnm put these The method is divided into five categories: 1 mechanically inhibited by cross-lamination; 2 internal or External finishing; 3 reduce wood hygro