In the offset printing production, the dirty on the PS plate is a frequently occurring problem. This article only briefly analyzes the structure features, printing process, printing process and printing materials of the PS plate. PS version structure features The ordinary PS plate is composed of

SPC and trend analysis Whether or not there is a super-boundary or defect reported at a specific location, the same data can be properly filtered and used to monitor minor defect occurrence trends to achieve effective control of the printing process. The minimum, maximum, and average amount of so

This package combines a beautiful single-serve pouch and the flexible packaging technology of SainsburY's, an easy-to-open laser strip, to bring sandwich products to a new level of convenience and customer selection. You can easily open the package without using any tools such as scissors or k

Abstract: The great satisfaction brought about by the development of modern science and technology has led to the diversification of people's material and spiritual needs. It has taught us more space for the development of packaging design and also raised even greater challenges. In the profes

CN2738285 The bronzing die-cutting machine electrical control device has an electrical control box which is matched with the body and the body. The structural feature of the cabinet is that the operation panel of the cabinet is a seamless panel, a programmable controller is arranged in the cabine

All weather jacket The world-famous outdoor sports brand - "Columbia" 06 spring new clothes listed, all-weather jacket king highly windproof waterproof breathable, light, they can be folded into a small bag, easy to carry, double-sleeved three-dimensional cut, set zipper insurance inner

Patent Name Anti-Counterfeiting Package Patent Applicant Xu Xiaoguang Principal Applicant Address 246001 No. 242 Jixian South Road, Anqing, Anhui Province (original No. 198) Inventor Xu Xiaoguang Application (Patent) No. 200420091787.9 Date of Application 2004.09.24 Certification Date Approval Not